Re: [Fwd: Re: themes]

John Fleck <jfleck inkstain net> writes: 
> So does this (thanks Malcolm) accurately reflect things:
> 	In order to have anti-aliased fonts in 
> 	menus and applications, you will
>       	need to make sure that the environment 
> 	variable GDK_USE_XFT is exported
>       	before running the appropriate applications.
> 	For example, you might put
>       	the following in $HOME/.gnomerc:

To be totally accurate you'd add "fonts will then be rendered
according to the configuration of /etc/X11/XftConfig (moving to
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf in a future version, as we move to fontconfig
instead of Xft1).  Settings in XftConfig or fonts.conf determine how
fonts are rendered, including whether to use hinting and


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