Re: Why has menu editing been removed?

<quote who="Mike Martin">

> That not the point - why was it taken out?  , and we were days from
> release when it was taken out.

Thanks for replying to my off-list mail publically.

It was taken out because it did not work reliably. This was explained in an
earlier email, but for reference, here's my pre-RC1 email about it:

The original post went to the release team and Mark only. He agreed on that
list and removed it.

> I can guarentee that aftyer all the work put in any reviewer is going
> to say "but how can I edit menus?"

Whilst important, menu editing is a fairly peripheral feature for end users.
But if we're going to have it at all, it should at least be functional.

> very depressing

Very close to release. It's been a known issue for quite some time.

- Jeff

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