Re: Why has menu editing been removed?

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 10:39, Mike Martin wrote:
> <quote who="Mike Martin">
> > >except menu editing works via the panel which is more than it ever
> did via
> >> nautilus
> >It's the same system for both, just different interfaces.
> >Regardless, 
> >it's
> >not going in. We're days from release.
> >- Jeff
> That not the point - why was it taken out?
> , and we were days from release when it was taken out.
> The system may be the same, but the panel worked and nautilus editing
> didn't.
> I can guarentee that aftyer all the work put in any reviewer is going
> to say "but how can I edit menus?"
> very depressing

1) It was broken

2) It was said on this mailing-list that we would disable it as it was

Stop acting like you're discovering the facts, or (if you are indeed
discovering the facts), read the mailing list archives so that you don't
have to act surprised.

/Bastien Nocera

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