Re: draft release notes


Here's an expanded, reorganized list of the user interface improvements
for the GNOME 2 release notes.

(note you can remove "New enhanced icons." from the "Improved Fonts and
Graphics" section as I included that in the UI section.)

-Erik Pukinskis

User Interface

The GNOME 2 user interface has received a significant overhaul.  With
the brand new GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, GNOME 2 has been made
easier to use, more powerful and more consistent for technical and
nontechnical users alike. The release of GNOME 2 marks the beginning of
a new tradition in user interface improvement for the GNOME desktop.

Menus and Panel
- Easier menu editing with right-click menus
- Smarter menus accommodate diagonal mouse movements
- Menus scroll when they get too big
- Windows can be dragged between workspaces with the Workspace Switcher

- File selector doesn't forget filenames when selecting a different
- Revamped color and font selectors
- New Run Program dialog with command completion
- Text fields include right-click menus for cutting, copying and pasting

Icons and Themes
- Brand new stock icons and color palette
- Support for theming of stock icons
- CD Player and login screens are now themeable
- A clean and attractive default appearance

- Redesigned and easier to use search tool
- Brand new lightweight help application
- Control center applets have been greatly simplified and reduced in
- Ever increasing compliance with standards
- Rewritten terminal application with tabs and profiles
- A brand new dynamic, centralized configuration system
- Many applications have been renamed to better suit their purpose

And countless other bug fixes and user interface improvements!

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