Re: GNOME 2.0.0 Desktop Release Notes Contributions

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> The release team is looking for contributions to the G2D release notes.

Sent to me personally:

> Hello.
> (I'm not subscribed so feel free to forward to the list) As a user, I think
> that UI changes are very important. (even the ones that appear to be
> obvious, maybe especially the ones like that)
> Something like:
> * All capplets are now auto-apply, so there's nothing wrong with not
>   having apply button... (or something more polite)
> * Tearable menus are gone - if you want to enable them, change
>   /desktop/gnome/interface/menubar_detachable with GconfEditor.  (I know the
>   tearable menus came up a lot)
> Yours,
> Uri David Akavia

(Thanks for that, David. Good points.)

- Jeff

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