Re: GNOME 2.0 Desktop Release Candidate 1: "Fever Pitch"

<quote who="Malcolm Tredinnick">

> In particular, the Debian requirements will need to be added by somebody
> else, since I don't use that distribution at all and it's a non-trivial
> mapping from Red Hat packages to Debian packages (whereas, say, Red Hat
> --> Mandrake is usually possible for a person to work out or for somebody
> familiar with the distro to just go "change here, rename this, etc").

Thanks Malcolm,

You can find the Debian requirements on the GARNOME webpage:

I have a list of Red Hat stuff from Thomas, but I haven't put it up there
yet. We were planning to put it all in the final release notes, if you can
contribute something, that would be great.


- Jeff

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