Spec files and RPM's for gnome2 release

Hi Jeff, gnome-hackers,

I think you will remeber me from a couple of packaging flame wars that have gone thru the gnome-desktop-lists. During that time i have taken it upon me to try to get the gnome2 spec files up to date. However in the last 2 months, my life has been quite hectic on the personal front, and i have found my self without sufficient time to able to make all the modifications required to the CVS modules (modifying configure.in's to AC_SUBST all the dependency package versions for the .spec.in file).

It is still my intention to check in all the changes now that things are finaly quieting down, however i presume that these modifications, however minor they are, are probably not desirable during this deep freeze?

If thats the case, i do still have a up to date, checked & verified set of .spec files for all the gnome2 platform modules here, which are very usable. (I have been tracking every gnome2 module release, file location changes, etc.) I use them my self on a daily bases, and made a few programs that verify there validity.

Would the release team be interested in these in the current state? They can be used on all redhat 7.x platforms to build good .rpm's for the gnome2 packages. If so, please let me know, i'd be more then happy to help out.

Alternativly, if you think minor changes to .spec.in and configure.in files would still be acceptable before the gnome 2.0.0 release, i'd be very happy to do that to.

   -- Chris Chabot

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