Re: g-s-d and SM

On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 15:56, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes: 
> > no, just poorly communicated.
> > 
> > "add something to tell the g-s-d where the SM is" maybe?
> > 
> > basically tell it what's in $SESSION_MANAGER.
> Why isn't it getting SESSION_MANAGER the same way everything else is?

because it's being started via bonobo-activation by a capplet (due to it
being somehow dropped from the session).

> > > >         2.  have gnome-session start g-s-d via bonobo-activation and
> > > >         remove it from the session
> > > 
> > > I might vote for this one.
> > 
> > yeah this seems more fool-proof, except that we don't get the
> > restart-on-exit feature of having it be in the SM.  and i'm not sure how
> > to fix this?  an n-second timer which tries to make sure it's
> > active?
> This one creates the problem of when/how does g-s-d shut down. I guess
> it's tied to the X server lifecycle though so it would be OK.

yeah g-s-d does get killed when X goes down.

i've started implementing this, and it would have gsm restart gsd when
it gets a broken connection (unless it restarts n times in m minutes)...
> > i'd almost want to have something run after login to check that
> > nautilus, the panel, etc. are running...
> I think the way to go here is to have a session property which is a
> list of strings describing "roles" a program can fill, and the session
> manager should complain on startup if you're missing one of the roles,
> and should have some default role-fillers it can start. There could be
> an obscure config option to get the SM to shut up if you don't want to
> run some role.

is someone keeping a list of things to discuss at the summit?

i guess we just need a little session manager session or something to
discuss this.

 - jacob

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