Re: Menu Editing for 2.0.0

Ricardo, I'm more than happy to talk about this, but can we please
confine specific disccusion of the issue to bug 84555. This will ensure
that our discussion is logged in an easy to find place, and will reduce
the amount spam on desktop devel. I really just want to avoid a large
thread that no one will read, which is more appropriate in bugzilla.


On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 14:29, Ricardo Fernández Pascual wrote:
> El jue, 13-06-2002 a las 20:22, Dave Bordoley escribió:
> > I think menu editing should be removed from the panel. see bug 84555. In
> > fact i lean towards saying all right click menus should be removed from
> > the menus.
> Why? what's wrong with context menus? If I wan't to modify a menu item,
> why shouldn't I right click on that menu item in the first place? 
> Are you saying that is easier to open a different program (be it
> nautilus of whatever) for editing the menus, instead of doing it by
> direct manipulation?
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