Menu Editing for 2.0.0

Apologies, intended to send this here, too.

- Jeff

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Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 01:25:13 +1000
From: Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org>
To: Mark McLoughlin <mark mcloughlin sun com>
Cc: Release the hounds! <gnome2-release-team gnome org>
Subject: Menu Editing for 2.0.0

Hi Mark,

I've just been playing with gnome-panel 2.0.0 for pre-release-candidate BPB
testing. Unfortunately, the menu editing stuff is neither working, nor

I context-clicked on an item [1] in my menu, changed the Command field, and
hit Close. The item no longer appears in my menu. Quite alarming. :-) I'm
adding this to bugzilla now.

To limit the amount of frustration for our users, and time spent handling
dupes by our bug team, we need to do one of the following:

  - Fix menu editing

  - Remove menu editing from the panel user interface

I think, at this stage, that we have to choose the latter. This includes
removing (please add to this if I've missed something):

  - "Remove this item" and "Properties..." entries from item menu

  - "Add new item to this menu" and "Properties..." entries from "Entire
    menu" submenu

Are you happy to make these changes for a gnome-panel 2.0.0.x release?


- Jeff

[1] In "Sound & Video", an entry integrated from my system-installed GNOME
software, so /usr/share/gnome/apps/.

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