Re: Lets get branches names right this time (was: Re: Proposed release process/plans)

Chema Celorio wrote:
Havoc wrote..

Implementation note: the branch isn't actually called "2-0", the
precise branch name is "gnome-2-0", "gnome-2-2", etc. for modules that
use GNOME-wide branch names, and may be different for some modules.

Branches name
It would be a lot easier if all branches for gnome 2.0 where the same.
The proposal was "gnome-2-0" but there are some modules branched with
"gnome-2-0-0" (libbonobo for one). Maybe I am exaggerating and this is
not as important as it seems to me, but having the same branches name
will make things easier down the road. Could we re-branch the modules to
match "gnome-2-0"?

I imagine gnome-2-0-0 to live a very short period of time (until gnome 2.0.0 is released), and gnome-2-0 to live approx 6 months (until gnome 2.2.0 is released), and make 2.0.x releases from it.

I.e. if you have a patch which is too risky to put in a release approaching this week, put it into gnome-2-0, and if everything is OK, you will release it next time (2.0.1). If it is OK for stable, put it into gnome-2-0-0. If it's a new great feature, commit this only to HEAD.

I have drawn a branch/tag/anchor naming scheme for gnome 2.x.x releases


PNG image

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