Re: Proposed release process/plans

Dave Bordoley <bordoley msu edu> writes:
> Galeon 2 is coming along very well right now. Any chance that it can
> become a core gnome component in 2.2. It seems some what strange that
> gnome doesn't have a web browser (nautilus-gtkhtml doesn't count). 

As Luis says, if Galeon 2 is dogfoodable before we feature freeze,
then it can be considered; if it doesn't become usable as the main
daily browser of testers prior to the Beta state, then it's not in
2.2. There's no need to worry about it until it reaches dogfood
quality, at which time the Galeon guys could propose adding it to the
module list covered by garnome, jhbuild, tinderbox, etc. and commit to
stabilizing on the gnome schedule and tracking our freeze/branch

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