Re: Proposed release process/plans

Galeon 2 is coming along very well right now. Any chance that it can
become a core gnome component in 2.2. It seems some what strange that
gnome doesn't have a web browser (nautilus-gtkhtml doesn't count). 


> Rough Outline of 2.2.0
> ====================================================================
> In the proposed framework, release feature lists are predictions, not
> goals. That is, the goal is to release 6 months after 2.0.0. The
> feature list is a guess at what will be ready.
> Realistically, features that will be ready to freeze in 4 months are
> features that are either very small or already in roughly working
> form. Here are some predictions:
>  - GTK 2.2
>  - multihead support in some core components e.g. the panel
>  - Metacity if we decide to adopt it
>  - VTE if we decide to adopt it
>  - a prototype of a new file selector in libegg, used by
>    some core apps
>  - Nautilus/panel/control-center incremental enhancements
>  - media framework and media player
>  - application launch feedback
>  - new apps that have been ported in the meantime, perhaps 
>    GNOME Office.
> All of these things are already being actively developed. Large
> features that aren't in progress most likely won't make 2.2. But of
> course they could - it's just a matter of whether they are
> dogfood-quality within 4 months.

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