Re: naughty gnome2 desktop

On 7 Jun 2002, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> I don't think you understood my explanations. Here's something:
> 1) The link is dropped from nautilus to the desktop or the panel.
> 2) The drag dest recognises that it's from Nautilus (hmm, is that even
> possible ?), creates a link with the X-Nautilus-Is-Handler=Yes (for
> example) member.
> 3) Both nautilus and the panel know that nautilus is supposed to handle
> this link.
> 4) Click on this desktop file, the panel runs nautilus $(url), nautilus
> just creates a new window to that url.
> Kicker, Konqueror, etc. still recognise the desktop file as a link, and
> it just works.

ok. I see. This is slightly nicer, but sort of hacky. I don't think you 
can see who the drag source is, so you'd have to do some nasty hack with 
the drag-type.

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