Re: [G2R] Bug Update for RC1

Hi guys,

On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 15:10, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> uri_is_local() is used inside nautilus for a number of thing, including 
> is_a_unix_path, is_a_local_harddrive and is_fast. I don't know why this 
> function was changed, but it affects nautilus in many ways. I think we 
> should perhaps back that change out and fix it in a better way post 2.0.0.

	I think the real problem is the loss of semantic information in the API
- the conclusion of discussing this on IRC was:

	* the is_local fix was necessary to stop nfs / afs wandering for
	  Trash, that killed big systems.

	* We need a new API so we can test for capabilities in gnome-vfs

	* We'll prototype this in eel_vfs_test_capabilities, which has a
	  g_file_test type semantic.

	* People are encouraged to replace is_local calls by expanding 
	  the eel_vfs_test_capabilities set where necessary and using 
	  that instead.

	I hope that's reasonably near to what we thought,



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