Re: [G2R] Bug Update for RC1

On 6 Jun 2002, Michael Meeks wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 07:17, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Additionally, bug 83209 is very borderline- we've apparently broken file
> > manager functionality pretty thoroughly for NFS users. I'm not really
> > ready to call this a stopper, but if there is a fix we need to get it
> > in; it is /very/ close to a stopper.
> 	Ok; so it turns out that basic file management works fine - the bug is
> only about dragging URIs from mozilla to the desktop ;-)
> 	That's hardly a major killer IMHO,

I do think that drag and drop from other app than nautilus may be broken 
too. All of this was caused by the change in the gnome-vfs is_local method 
for the file: module to return FALSE for nfs directories. 

uri_is_local() is used inside nautilus for a number of thing, including 
is_a_unix_path, is_a_local_harddrive and is_fast. I don't know why this 
function was changed, but it affects nautilus in many ways. I think we 
should perhaps back that change out and fix it in a better way post 2.0.0.

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