Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Looking at the key bug list I have the following commentsID Sev Pri
Owner State Result Summary 

83738  cri Urg jacob ximian com NEW  crash while selecting  
73284  cri Hig jacob ximian com NEW  Doubleclick to copy and then
paste crashes terminal  

These two bugs, if not identical should certainly be linked as the
symptom is similar

Also never seen the problem

74974  nor Hig nautilus-maint bugzilla gnome org ASSI  Cannot drag
and drop from list view.

Serious usability issue 
75620  nor Hig nautilus-maint bugzilla gnome org NEW  mime actions
are broken  
Again serious usability issue (please see my comments on bug)
Also this bug is used as a placeholder for mime problems with a link
to 78778 (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75620)

77878 is shown as fixed. If this so then this bug should be fixed.

If not this to me is critical, just because it has been broken since
1.4 is not a reason not to fix.

Personally I would see this as the blocker for gnome2

81670  maj Hig alex ximian com NEW  vfolder monitors don't work  
mild irritation, linked to above really

82337  maj Hig jsh pixelslut com NEW  Viewport navigation bug  
should this really be a 2.0 bug. I have used gnome for 2.5 years and
have never used the feature.

BTW - has anyone else seen an exponential increase in build time for
nautilus,gnome-desktop. I started a build of nautilus about midnight
gmt and it was still going 9am this morning. Gnome-destop was similar.r

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