Re: The comming Freeze and API docs

søn, 2002-06-02 kl. 12:46 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> I'm not sure which list is appropriate for this, so I just hope the
> release team are reading this one at the moment. :-)
> I am madly documenting the libgnomeui API at the moment, but there is no
> way on earth I am going to have it finished in the next 24 hours. At
> best it will be about 60% complete by that point (I have a bunch of
> things to commit tomorrow morning when I am more awake and that will be
> it).
> So I was wondering what the chances were of getting Release Team
> Approval for continuing to commit changes to the API docs (which does
> not involve any code changes) for the next few days. I guess it will
> take most of the week for me to finish everything off, since there are
> still about 350 items left undocumented. That way we can have complete
> docs for libgnomeui by RC2, and "sort of" complete in RC1.
> Thoughts?

You have my vote in favor.


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