The comming Freeze and API docs

I'm not sure which list is appropriate for this, so I just hope the
release team are reading this one at the moment. :-)

I am madly documenting the libgnomeui API at the moment, but there is no
way on earth I am going to have it finished in the next 24 hours. At
best it will be about 60% complete by that point (I have a bunch of
things to commit tomorrow morning when I am more awake and that will be

So I was wondering what the chances were of getting Release Team
Approval for continuing to commit changes to the API docs (which does
not involve any code changes) for the next few days. I guess it will
take most of the week for me to finish everything off, since there are
still about 350 items left undocumented. That way we can have complete
docs for libgnomeui by RC2, and "sort of" complete in RC1.




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