Application names in menus


I am using Ximian snapshots of Gnome 2.0.0 for some time and I find
application names in menus (Application menu) quite strange. In HIG you
can see that it proposes naming convention similar to this:

	app name (generic name)

so for example you get

	gedit (Text Editor)

I think it is very good for usability reasons. I believe that KDE3
follows that. I looked over *.desktop files of apps included in Gnome
2.0 and there is no field GenericName in them. But some Gnome2.0
programs not included in Gnome2.0 have it. For example: gThumb and
FileRoller. KDE3 apps also have that. However desktop-entry-spec don't
mention that field.
Are there any plans to use, what HIG propeses in Gnome 2.2. Right now
names are very odd to me. Look at gedit. It has 

Name=Text Editor 

and no GenericName field. I launch it an I see string "gedit" in window
title. It confuses users.
Another example somehow different than gedit is GGV

Name=GGV PostScript Viewer

Total inconsistency.


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