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Havoc wrote:

> Jon Svendsen <jon-sven frisurf no> writes:
> > 
> > So what happened to binary compatibility for the duration of the 2.x
> > family? The latest release of gail went and pulled a gal ;) Is this a
> > bug? An oversight? Or "real" binary incompatibility?
> > 
> bin compat only applies to the platform libraries (those that apps
> outside of GNOME are supposed to be linking to).
> Though of course we want to minimize breakage in other libs just for
> everyone's convenience. sonames should always get bumped with bin
> incompat changes, though.

Though I cannot say for certain about the particular changes which
spurred the soname revision (since it was Padraig who made them, and I
haven't spoken to him in detail about this), it's also true that
backwards-compatible changes will be happening in various libraries, and
in such cases we should bump the soname also, even though bincompat
(backwards, not forwards) is maintained.

Certainly we intend to keep backwards compatibility with libgailutil to
the maximum extent possible.

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