Re: Launcher types

Christian Rose <menthos menthos com> writes:
> ons 2002-07-24 klockan 19.57 skrev Alex Graveley:
> > Drop the dialog altogether.  Clicking "New Launcher" pops up the Run
> > dialog, clicking "Ok" creates the launcher which you can then rename or
> > set an icon for.  Or you can just drag the Run dialog's icon to
> > someplace to create a launcher.  Editing the launcher just brings up the
> > Run dialog again slightly modified ("Ok" instead of "Run").  Translators
> > could use a special tool to add translations.
> I wonder why I am so worried by that last comment...

I think the point is just that the generic launcher editor screen
shouldn't expose the multiple translations in the desktop file
(i.e. the user has to pick one name for their launcher in all
languages they speak).


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