Re: Launcher types

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Eugene O'Connor wrote:

> I'm updating the User Guide and need some information about launchers
> and launcher types. Can anyone help me out?
> First of all, where can you have launchers on the desktop - in your
> menus, on your panels, on the desktop background - anywhere else?
> Secondly, I need to understand the types of launcher:
> 1. Application (I understand this one)
> 2. Link (http://, ftp://, what else can you enter in the command field
> when the launcher type is link?

also e.g. file://my/mp3s or suchlike.

> 3. FSDevice (What is this? Can you give an example?)

You get one of these when nautilus mounts a Floppy or cdrom.

> 4. MimeType (How would you use this, for example?)
> 5. Service (What is this?)
> 6. Service Type (What is this?)

These are not launchers, but descriptions of things. I don't think we use 
them at the moment. I think KDE uses nr 4 for its mime database.
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