Re: GNOME 2.0 feedback

tis 2002-07-23 klockan 17.00 skrev Calum Benson:
> > Another thing that may help the usability of the pager would be if the 
> > window you moused over prelighted in the pager. This way it might be 
> > easier to pick the right window. Right now it can be hard for small 
> > windows.
> > 
> > Some sort of zooming would perhaps work too, but it sounds a bit hard to 
> > get right. I mean, where do you zoom it to? and when?
> Before do anything to it, I'd be wanting to know how many people
> actually want to move their windows around in such a small space (even
> between workspaces) and why, when there are quicker and easier ways
> available...

One thing I've personally used that feature for was when application
windows ended up with their title bar outside of the screen and I had no
idea of how to move them back except using the switcher for this.
People have afterwards explained to me how I could have used Alt+mouse
for that instead, but I didnt know about it at that time and using the
switcher was the most apparent to me, since I already knew it could move


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