TARBALLS DUE: First 2.0.x Weekly Snapshot


In case you missed it the first time, or were stuck in Boston with only a
burrito and a spare Ximian employee to keep you company (and thus precluding
you from reading email because they are so entertaining)...

  First 2.0.x weekly snapshots are due RIGHT NOW!

  Get your release team pants on!

- Jeff

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> Hi all,
> In all the excitement surrounding the rockin' GNOME Summit, we almost
> forgot... Tarballs are due for our first 2.0.x weekly snapshot release!
> The intent of this release is to begin testing the significant number of
> bugfix and UI Review changes to the stable branch since the 2.0.0
> Desktop release.
> Tarballs are due on Monday, 22nd July.  <==
>   - Maintainers, please provide a thorough, user-oriented changelog that
> we can add to as we near final release of 2.0.1.
>   - Translators, please take a look at your modules before Monday. We
> were officially string frozen last week, but a number of changes were
> made before then for the UI Review.
> Thanks,
> - Jeff

   "When there's public debate and mass hysteria, that's when the patches   
                         roll in." - Michael Meeks                          

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