I have uploaded a new version of PyGTK. This version contains bug fixes and some new features for the tree view wrapper. It should be safe as a drop in replacement for 1.99.11 (no API breakage). Here is a summary of the new features:

   * script extracts some documentation from .tmpl files, to
     give more complete fake documentation.
   * set tp_alloc and tp_new slots on objects at module initialisation,
     to get round structure initialiser bug in Microsoft's C compiler.
   * fix up small bug in GdkRectangle handling
   * fix up the export-symbols regex used for the libglade module so
     that the module will work on platforms where libtool's
     -export-symbols-regex argument actually works.
   * Add gtk.GenericCellRenderer object that allows implementation of
     new cell renderers for gtk.TreeView in Python.
   * Add "simple" tree model manipulation APIs.  These are not yet
     complete, but they allow a number of nice ways of manipulating
     tree models:

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