Yes children, it's that time of year again. Weekly snapshot time!

Announcing gnome-games, aka "Clever Cow" [1]

Featuring many amazing new features (thats a lie, we're feature frozen),
fantastic new songs (another lie, don't want to upset RIAA), UI tweaks
and bug fixes (thats actually the truth)

* Updated all .desktop files to comply with the HIG
* Build fixes for OSF/1 and Solaris
* Many UI fixes with dialogs and toolbars: more actually close now,
  and appear in the correct location.
* Gnotravex: Hide the tiles when the game is paused, fix memory leaks,
  and redraw the tiles correctly
* Gnobots: fix menu keyboard navigation
* Gnibbles: default map size is medium
* Aisleriot: canfield now knows when the game is over

Have fun!
Ross Burton

[1] Don't ask. [2]
[2] This footnote thing is good fun!
Ross Burton                                 mail: ross burtonini com
                                           jabber: ross nerdfest org
 PGP Fingerprint: 1A21 F5B0 D8D0 CFE3 81D4 E25A 2D09 E447 D0B4 33DF

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