ximian gnome2

i have a couple questions:

1. anyone know when they plan to add gnome2 to their regular (stable)
gnome channel? i think i remember a couple weeks ago hearing that gnome2
is now official, and considered stable.

2. About a week ago i used red-carpet to update my system, as i do
daily. for some reason after that particular day's updates, my
gnome-terminal and gnome menu were messed up. The gnome-terminal program
wont let me change the font, and when i type things, the text looks a
little wrong....and extreamly wrong when i use my up&down arrow keys to
see previously typed commands... im not sure if my decsription is
adaquit, so here are two screenshots:

   1-a typed in command, "gnomecc" in this case


   2-command typed in, then used arrow key several times to view past


^^^^^^ at the time i took the screenshot, the current command was
gmplayer, the other characters are chunks of the older commands.

the text doesnt look bad in any of my other gnome apps...so im stumpped.
and as for my gnome menu, after i ran red-carpet that day, it removed
all the the contents of my "desktop preferences" menu, removed all but
two apps from my "accessories" menu, and all the items in my "Others"
menu. however the apps they linked to are still on my system. again, im

hint: to make the text appear correctly, i have to drag the terminal
below my task bar, or way to the left or right, and then bring it back
into visable space to see correctly rendered text. maybe it's a bug with
the gnome2 font renderer? i'd check bugzilla for bugreports on it, but i
dont know what program to report it is... gnome2, g-term, xsft, ???

3. why isn't their a link to 'gnomecc' in the gnome menu. i realize that
you guys seemed to prefer adding a link to each section in the control
panel to the gnome menu, but i think gnomecc is great, and offers people
who prefer that kind of interface a great choice. maybe you guys could
put a link to gnomecc at the bottom or top of the "desktop prefs." menu?

also, my gnomecc has only two main sections... "main" and "advanced".
although i think i recall someone having another section in their
gnomecc screenshot. are their plugins for gnomecc or something?

4. i JUST realized that evolution saves mail be written, until it's
sent---presumably in case their pc freezes...which mine jsut did while i
was writing this. after i whined, and pissed, and moaned for a minute, i
was gonna retype this letter, but then after clicking on "new" it told
me it had a saved version of my message....so i told it to recover it.
shouldnt you guys also put it in the drafts folder, so it's more obvious
that you auto-saved my message? that, or maybe have evo. tell me about
my saved message right after it starts up?


Farrell Farahbod <upgrdman mindspring com>

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