> Now that gnome-terminal is branched I think we should switch it to VTE
> by default, and if all goes well eventually drop the Zvt option.
> VTE has working i18n, it has accessibility support, it has good
> terminal emulation, it works with Xft2/fontconfig/Pango, it has all
> the transparency features and so on. We've been using it in Red Hat
> rawhide for a while with no major complaints.
> This involves adding the "vte" module to the module list.

I just took a look at the VTE code, and I do not see the support
required to open ptys and grant permissions correctly (as well as
lastlog/wtmp/utmp support).

In any case, you might want to borrow that code from zvt.  But it is not
yet a drop-in replacement for Zvt features and portability.


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