Re: Fifth-toe list

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 19:56, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > > 
> > libgda/libgnomedb and gnome-db are already ported and much better in the
> > GNOME 2 version than in the 1.4 version. We are only waiting to finish
> > the integration of gnome-db/gASQL, which will result in a much better
> > client application than it is right now (somewhat similar to MS Access,
> > but much more powerful :-). But, we can easily include the current
> > gnome-db version without the gASQL integration in 5th toe if needed.
> > We'll only lose some features, which would be added as soon as the
> > integration is finished.
> Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I know that gnome-db is already much
> better for Gnome2 than for Gnome1 ;)
ok, you're forgiven :-)

> I was asking about the porting status of dia and sodipodi.
oh, so it was my fault, since I thought you were asking for the whole list, not
only for the last app.

BTW Bastien, are you (or have been) by any chance in Pamplona right now? I ask
because the other day I saw a person identical to you (or who seemed so for me
from the distance), and although he didn't answer to my yelling (hadess!!!!),
I was almost sure it was you or a clone :-)


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