Gnome2 release team minutes for meeting 2002-07-12

Minutes of the GNOME 2.0 Release Team Meeting - 2002-07-12

Present:			Regrets:

Eric Baudois			John Fleck
Calum Benson			Jamin Gray
Karl Gaffney			Kjarten Maraas 
Jody Goldberg			Michael Meeks
Telsa Gwynne			Jeff Waugh
Greg Leblanc
Sander Vesik
Luis Villa


  NEW: Sander to remind people of string freeze date

  NEW: All release team members to mail their thoughts on release
  process. What worked, what didn't, what needs fixing.

  NEW: In that email, include what range of hours forward or back
  you can comfortably move for conference calls.

Decisions and discussions:

  * Fifth Toe

  This should definitely contain GNOME 2.0 applications only. 

  * Bug and bug triage status

  "Things are good" -- Luis. We have avoided any blatent brown-paper-bag
  horrors. The worst has been crash-on-start to do with the font capplet
  (and other places where the same code has been cut and pasted). Many
  of the crashes are from developers porting things, which is a good
  sign for the future. Lots of triage still to do, with some co-ordination
  with Bill Haneman.

  Luis also mentioned a neat perl script he hopes will substantially cut
  the time spent by the bug squaddies in hunting and marking duplicates
  as duplicates. It's still in creation but looks at the top five useful
  frames of a stack trace. Some discussion on false positives and useful
  other things to include (eg version number of the app or package, which
  can be very very helpful indeed).

  Neat perl script at:
  Comments on neat perl script at:

  * UI review status

  All proposed UI fixes are definitely in bugzilla and we're fully 
  expecting to make all hoped-for changes in time. Six are still open.
  Querying bugzilla, 13 show up as having no patches attached, but
  several of those are almost certainly fixed in CVS anyway. Docs
  people need to be informed of them to update docs. 

  * String freeze announcements

  It's the 19th July 2002 for 2.0.1 and 2.0.2. This was in Jeff's
  "You are here" email, but Sander to remind people.
  Jeff's "You are here" email:

  * Release team future composition
  * Release process thoughts

  We weren't all on the line, and this one probably needs everyone
  involved. Discuss via email and get a summary following this.
  Need also to ask desktop-devel-list what it felt like from their
  perspective, and the Foundation board for their thoughts. 

  * Future meetings

  Next week the summit is on in Boston, with several release team
  people there. Skip call next Friday, therefore.

  As the team changes composition slightly, it's worth re-checking
  what times we can all make it and whether we can make it more
  comfortable for those on the far ends of the geographical/time zone


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