Re: Fifth-toe list

Le ven 12/07/2002 à 11:21, Mike Martin a écrit :
> Le ven 12/07/2002 à 09:29, Chris Chabot a écrit :
> > >
> >The only thing which prevents me to switch Mandrake cooker to 
> Metacity
> >is the "don't focus new window" problem.. But Havoc seems to have 
> fixed
> >it in CVS.. So, I guess next version of MetaCity will probably be 
> >2 default WM for Mandrake too :))))))
> I am curious - what is the the problem with this?
> I use metacity with the latest metacity-setup and I have windows
> focusing correctly
> I use focus follows mouse and raise new windows

You don't use "click" focus.. It is the default one and is used by most

Frédéric Crozat

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