Re: Nautilus bugs and design choices

David Moles <david moles vykor com> writes: 
> Be nice if everyone had a separate <Meta> key, and if half the
> applications out there didn't assume that <Alt> was also <Meta>.
> (Okay, maybe not *half*. But I've had no luck remapping my 
> "Windows" key to <Meta> and having both Emacs and desktop apps
> work the way they should.)

This is sort of a lost cause; if you want an extra key, you're best
off using Hyper or Super.

The reason none of GNOME is using these is essentially because of
gtk_accelerator_parse(). We need to add an egg_accelerator_parse() or
something to libegg that parses <Meta>, <Hyper>, <Super>,
etc. (modifiers by name instead of modifier bitmask).

Then the various apps can use that.


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