Re: Re: Gnome2

ons 2002-07-10 klockan 15.05 skrev textshell neutronstar dyndns org:
> I agree that most user won't subscribe to a mailling list for just one or two
> questions. A web based Discussion board might be more appropriate. Maybe it
> could be somehow replicated as a mailinglist, so that people that like to help
> others regulary have a convinient interface.
> I'm not sure that such a think will help a lot, but mailing-lists are not so
> well suited for many short questions.

Indeed. I just want to do a plug for #gnome-help on --
janne, aldug and others have done an incredible amount of work there
since the g2 release by answering many questions and helping with
trouble-shooting, but more help in this area is always welcome and
needed. If you can spend a moment or two on answering user questions,
don't hesistate to join there.


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