Re: Re: Gnome2

> That reminds me... one of the things that came up at the workshop we did
> at CHI in April (which I really will write up soon, honest) was that
> GNOME doesn't have a gnome-users or gnome-help mailing list, where any
> user can ask any sort of question and reasonably expect some sort of. 
> answer other than "you need to ask somewhere else", which I see
> increasingly often these days.
> Is there a particular reason we don't have such a thing?  Obviously the
> downside would be that it would be one more list for everyone to
> monitor, but I can't help feeling that getting help on GNOME is
> currently a lot more intimidating for a non-technical user than it needs
> to be.  (Admittedly non-technical GNOME users are currently few and far
> between, but we'd like to change that, right...?)

Mailing lists are an excellent developement tool - but for "users" (which 
hopefully we will see more of in the not to distant future) 90% of the 
questions/problems are repetitive. Also users like to be able to ask 
questions without signing up for a mailing list.

What would be much more useful would be a G2UG - the Gnome 2 Users Group :)
With forums, mailing lists, FAQs, artwork, screenshots, tips & tricks,
news, downloads, software reviews etc... is really a developement website and can be v. intimidating to the
average user - they'll probably just run back to

Why think ye? If people like the idea I could look into how it could
work, but I wont be around for most of august and the end of July so
I'm putting my OS projects on hold.

btw. hello everyone, I'm new around here ;)


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