Re: Gnome2

On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 06:37, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Hi, this is desktop-devel-list, for discussion about the development of the
> GNOME Desktop release. You might get a better response to your queries on
> the various user support lists, or IRC.

That reminds me... one of the things that came up at the workshop we did
at CHI in April (which I really will write up soon, honest) was that
GNOME doesn't have a gnome-users or gnome-help mailing list, where any
user can ask any sort of question and reasonably expect some sort of
answer other than "you need to ask somewhere else", which I see
increasingly often these days.

Is there a particular reason we don't have such a thing?  Obviously the
downside would be that it would be one more list for everyone to
monitor, but I can't help feeling that getting help on GNOME is
currently a lot more intimidating for a non-technical user than it needs
to be.  (Admittedly non-technical GNOME users are currently few and far
between, but we'd like to change that, right...?)


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