Hey group,

I just finished compiling gnome2 under LFS.  I like it so far, however
I do have some issues.

1.  Where did sawfish put the option to NOT show the contents of
    windows while moving?  I hate when the contents are shown.
2.  Where did gmenu go?  Is gnome turning into M$ by not wanting
    me to change my menus? : )
3.  Sawfish seems a little too buggy for me.  I tried to change the
    default font and sawfish puked and wouldn't let me change the
    font since.  Some of the options tabs under the settings
    make sawfish just puke or hang.

Any tips for getting around the bugs until some fixes come out?
I think that gnome2 was released too soon and should have been
held back to make a release with less bugs.  However, it is very

Jim Drabb

James Drabb JR - Programmer Analyst - Orlando, FL - JDrabb cfl rr com

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