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El lun, 08-07-2002 a las 21:35, James Drabb escribió:
> Hey group,
> I just finished compiling gnome2 under LFS.  I like it so far, however
> I do have some issues.
> 1.  Where did sawfish put the option to NOT show the contents of
>     windows while moving?  I hate when the contents are shown.
> 2.  Where did gmenu go?  Is gnome turning into M$ by not wanting
>     me to change my menus? : )

Did you read the release notes? if you don't, take a look at: it's a known issue.

> 3.  Sawfish seems a little too buggy for me.  I tried to change the
>     default font and sawfish puked and wouldn't let me change the
>     font since.  Some of the options tabs under the settings
>     make sawfish just puke or hang.

About sawfish, I don't know because I don't use it yet :-)

> Any tips for getting around the bugs until some fixes come out?
> I think that gnome2 was released too soon and should have been
> held back to make a release with less bugs.  However, it is very
> promising.

May be if you were testing before the release ;-)

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