Re: Where is the desktop-guide applet?

<quote who="Rui Miguel Seabra">

> Whenever confronted with these arguments, a sad number of people resort to
> a childish argument like X is crack, or an insult to user intelligence
> like Y is too complicated for users. We should not promote user dumbness
> when we could promote user empowerment.

Great. Please talk about "behaviour" rather than "features", contribute
positively instead of whining, speak in a cooperative manner rather than
being accusatory, and perhaps you'll find a greater level of interest in
your points.

It is not so hard to make your point with positivity.

- Jeff

      "Then it hit me: What I really want is for all edit panes in all      
    applications to be gnuclient processes hooked to a centralized emacs    
                     gnuserver process!" - Gary Murphy                      

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