Re: Where is the desktop-guide applet?

First and foremost, IMO G2D is overall a huge and important step
forwards. Everyone involved fully deserves congratulations on the work

But it's not perfect, and IMHO it went too far in some circunstances,
where the benefits not only seem very far fetched, but also apparently
need to be repeated like a mantra regardless of real content in order to
try to gain substance.

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 11:18:23AM +0100, Mike Martin wrote:
>  --- Rui Miguel Seabra <rms 1407 org> wrote: > On Fri, Jul 05, 2002
> > > Desktop Guide is now the "Workspace Switcher"
> > > Tasklist Applet is now the "Window List"
> > This is oversaying. Both applets pale in comparison with their
> > antecessors.
> matter of opinion really.

It's not a subjective matter but a very pratical matter.

> I know they are different than their predecessors, but personally
> after you get used to them I think they work better and more
> intuitively.

Well, the gnome pager _only_ supports one type of virtual desktops.
That's definitely not subjective. The current default style of virtual
desktops is all but intuitive, and the only people who really benefit
from that kind of virtual desktop are people coming from windows or
mac os, where virtual desktops are pratically inexistant, so they don't
understand what they're loosing. There are many ui reasons in favour of
the "lost" features but mayhap they may return in time (or so I hope).

> I originally didn't like the new window list but after discussion it
> was improved and now I find it preferable.

It's pratically the same, with the added onus that it doesn't work
properly on corner panels unless you set a large minimum width (I think
this is a known bug), it shows apps that should be hidden, it supports only
one type of virtual desktops (which means I now have a cluttered task list).

These is not subjective or a matter of taste.
That they may be improved in the future is a hope I hold on to.

Whenever confronted with these arguments, a sad number of people resort to a
childish argument like X is crack, or an insult to user intelligence like Y is too
complicated for users. We should not promote user dumbness when we could promote
user empowerment.


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