Re: inconsistent state for check buttons

Check out gtk-themes from anoncvs. It's recently has had a large commit to be gtk2 compatible, and has a few examples of themes in it.

   -- Chris

Frank Worsley wrote:


I am trying to make a check button appear inconsistent (ie: a 'greyed
out' checkmark being displayed). Right now when I do this the check
button just appears blank and not checked.

I suspect this is a problem with my GTK+ 2 setup. I don't have a .gtkrc2
file in my home dir and I can't find any such file on my system.

So, from where does GTK+ load it's default theme? The
/usr/share/themes/Default/gtk-2.0 directory is empty, no rc file in
there either.

Could somebody send me a rc file so I can customize it?


- Frank

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