Re: bonobo activation spec file broken (name set to oaf)

I figured that since the actual release date for the gnome-2.0-alpha platform was set for today, it might be very usefull to have all these errors reported, so maybe they are fixable before the new alpha is announced to the world.

But i can see the list flood can be real irritating to. i just didnt want any error reporting lost in the noice of the other tons of error reports. But i will compile all these reports into a single email, and send that to the list.

Sorry for the flood

    -- Chris

Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 01:13, Chris Chabot wrote:
the spec file for bonobo-activation 0.9.3 reads:
%define name oaf

ofcource this should be bonobo-activation ;-)

Please, stop sending e-mails every 5 minutes with your build problems.
Make it one e-mail at the end of your session. It will give you time to
think about some minor problems that have already been discussed on this


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