Re: Integration Issues (plus gnome-doorman)

On Tue, 2001-12-25 at 16:18, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> We need a way of bridging existing 1.4 installations and the 2.0 desktop
> release; there are quite a few integration and configuration issues we just
> haven't looked at yet because the platform isn't stable enough.

This sounds like a great idea...especially for the panel, since we are
breaking the configuration for 2.0. It would be a pretty easy gnome-love
project I think for the future, but since the panel configuration stuff
hasn't been finished it is a little hard to do right now. The panel
config shouldn't require all that much in depth knowledge of panel code
- just a simple look at gnome-core/panel/session.c would suffice
[especially since half of the panel config has now been killed off].

Anyways, just replying as I didn't see any thread developing, and didn't
want the subject to die :) Perhaps posting to gnome-love would be good?

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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