Re: GNOME2's High Memory usage

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 hobbit aloss ukuu org uk wrote:

> Frank will note it's Linux-specific and x86-specific, but I'm sure
> he knows other tools for other platforms :) 
> If I misunderstand the problems from the thread and the nature of
> this valgrind app, my apologies; but it seemed an opportune time
> to mention it. 
> Since I am staring at the output and wondering which bits are 
> relevant, which are normal, which are X, and which are bugs, I
> think other people should have a play with it, because they 
> might understand it.

Valgrind is a neat app, but it doesn't measure "bloat" as such, but rather 
reads from uninitialized and freed memory and stuff like that.

Unfortunately valgrind doesn't support threads, and every gnome 2 app I've 
started up kills valgrind very early as thet use a gs segment override for 
thread local storage, and valgrind doesn't support that.

It seems to work with pure gtk2 apps though.

/ Alex

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