Re: SPEC files for gnome 2.0 beta

R.I.P. Deaddog wrote:

On 25 Feb 2002, jacob berkman wrote:

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 06:35, Chris Chabot wrote:

[..] but are related to a libtool bug which causes libraries not to be created when the DESTDIR is not the prefix dir, but hopefully those bugs are being worked on by the gnome hackers.

i doubt anyone is looking into it other than using either the suggestion
my havoc or owen's ltmain patch.

I've got a patch based on Havoc's ltmain patch; it is incorporated into
Mandrake and nobody has complained about it (yet). It's quite a hack
(adding -L$(DESTDIR)/...... in front of all other -L and -l flags),
but works so far. If anybody wants to refine it, I can post it here

It might be worth looking at, to notify the maintainers of the affected packages? Also, could someone send me a 'fixed' ltmain, so i can incorperate them in the RPM's i'm building.

More and more packages seem to be affected by this, as i investigate this. So far we have: nautilus, at-spi, libgnomedb, ORBit2, libgnomecanvas, libgnomeui, and basicly anything that provides libglade-2.0 libraries.

Since it is *required* to have the package installed to properly build it (chicken and egg?) there's no clean building of packages, and a huge opertunity to mess up packaging.

Forinstance, all the RPM's on do not include the missing files described in previous emails, which results in broken gnome2 desktops.

Also for automated building envirioments, this could cause serious anoyances ;-)

It would also mean that anyone who downloads a .tarbal, and builds a package from it, would have a broken instalation. Which to me, sounds as a realy bad thing.

Anyways, just my 0.2 euro cents

   -- Chris

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