Re: SPEC files for gnome 2.0 beta

On 25 Feb 2002, jacob berkman wrote:

> On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 06:35, Chris Chabot wrote:
> > I have finished most of the planned updates for the spec files for gnome 
> > 2.0 beta. They are starting to be in realy good shape.
> > 
> > All that realy needs to be done still is replacing tabs with spaces, and 
> > some small other cosmetic work. Some issues still exists, but are 
> > related to a libtool bug which causes libraries not to be created when 
> > the DESTDIR is not the prefix dir, but hopefully those bugs are being 
> > worked on by the gnome hackers.
> i doubt anyone is looking into it other than using either the suggestion
> my havoc or owen's ltmain patch.

I've got a patch based on Havoc's ltmain patch; it is incorporated into
Mandrake and nobody has complained about it (yet). It's quite a hack
(adding -L$(DESTDIR)/...... in front of all other -L and -l flags),
but works so far. If anybody wants to refine it, I can post it here


> jacob

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