Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Nautilus background patch

On 25 Feb 2002, Ian McKellar wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-02-24 at 17:42, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > 
> > Richard Hestilow <hestilow ximian com> writes:
> > > How do the terminal and panel implement transparency? I was under the
> > > impression they read the background settings, in which case they should
> > > just monitor gconf, but if they are directly reading the root window,
> > > then yes, that sounds correct.
> > 
> > I don't know about the panel - zvt AFAIK monitors the root window property.
> The panel (1.x - I haven't ported to 2.x yet) monitors the root window
> property.
> Whats the Right Way to do it in GNOME2? Monitor gconf and use
> libbackground, or should I keep using the pixmap property thing?

Hmm. How does this sound:

gnome-settings-daemon monitors gconf and whenever there has been a change 
it sets the background and the _XROOTPIXMAPID stuff. 

nautilus monitors gconf and sets the desktop background pixmap 
using libbackground whenever gconf changes. Nautilus does *not* set the 
rootwindow, and has to be changed to use libbackground to render it's 

gnome-terminal and the panel looks at the X rootwindow as it used to do, 
so that they continue to work with older gnome and other desktops.

/ Alex

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