Re: mini-commander

hi Bastien,

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 15:28, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Hi,
> We talked about it with Kevin, and we thought that mini-commander is
> awfully buggy and useless, as it duplicates functionality from the
> "Run..." dialog.
> Does anybody have a strong case for its survival other than "I use it"
> (for example "I fixed all the bugs against it") ?

I have used it daily for a few years... and I love it.

I would feel my gnome experience is incomplete without it.

I have not noticed any bugs - but all I do is type in commands and use
the completion and the history - no macros.

It is simply the quickest an easiest way for me to launch applications -
I don't have space to clutter my panel with launchers.

I actually would have argued for using it in the default panel setup, so
at least we should keep it in.

Can you justify the statement that it is awfully buggy? 
It only has about 8 bugs against it in bugzilla.

Please point me to the bugs, and I will help fix them.


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