Re: Yelp porting to Gnome2

Sk, 2002-02-24 14:24, Sandip V Honde rašė:
> Hi,
> I have replaced deprecated calls from Yelp.
> Find the diff file attached with this mail.

They are not deprecated. Also, you changed types, not calls.

> I found string manipulation deprecated calls
> like g_strcasecmp(),g_strncasecmp() in Yelp.
> Following two types of replacement are available for these functions:
>  1. ASCII functions
>  2. Unicode manipulation functions.
> Which one to use to replace string deprecated calls ?

That's the reason they were deprecated -- one time you need utf8,
another ascii.

If string comes from user input, files, are translated etc, you need to
use utf8 version. If it compares URIs, simple untranslated strings or
strings containing numbers, you can use ascii version.

> --- yelp/ChangeLog	Sun Feb 24 10:39:01 2002
> +++ yelp-new/ChangeLog	Sun Feb 24 11:26:16 2002
> @@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
> +2002-02-24  Sandeep V Honde <sandeep honde wipro com>
> +	
> +	* char replaced by gchar,int replaced by gint
> +        * src/gtktreemodelfilter.h : GtkType replaced by GType

wipro guys, you just waste your time by doing such changes. It is even
recommended to use int, not gint, as they are exactly the same,
char/gchar also.

This and similar patches just won't be accepted ever. And we have
already seen such a patch from you or your co-worker.

We appreciate that you are trying to help GNOME, but you choose quite
strange and unneeded things to do. Look at bugzilla, todos , test, and
fix real bugs, not just run grep/replace on source files.


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