Re: profterm's eel usage ...

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:
> 	May I ask - why are you cutting and pasting eel code into profterm ?
> profterm is in the core platform modules, at the same level as eel, and
> surely could simply depend on eel ?
> 	What is the thinking there ?

Unstable libs are a big pain, from my point of view. They cause a lot
of packaging headaches. Moreover eel is large, and I only want one
feature, which is the ellipsizing label. We also want the ellipsizing
label in tasklist and several other places, and making all those
depend on eel would suck. So I don't want to set the trend of
depending on eel in order to get the ellipsizing label.

It's an automated cut-and-paste; there are no changes to eel code and
there's a makefile target to update to latest eel code.

Also I intend to dump the eel dependency as soon as I can get the
ellipsizing label somewhere more sensible, and I don't like churn in
the dependency graph, so a temporary dependency is unattractive.


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